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Holding Hands

Relationship Therapy & Restorative Dialogue

Looking for a safe space to work through relationship challenges? We offer Relationship Therapy and Restorative Dialogue services to help couples and families improve understanding and communication. With our team of experienced therapists, you can work towards building healthier, meaningful relationships.

Often, when people enter couples counselling, or family therapy, the experience ends up being little more than "arguing in front of someone". With a background in restorative justice and dialogue, and experience working in small communities where everyone knows everyone, we approach things differently. We speak with each member of the couple, family or group first to establish needs and goals (sometimes we all meet together). From there, we work with each individual to prepare to enter healing and restorative dialogue so that each person is equipped with skills to talk about their feelings, knowledge of what those feelings are, and be able to meet together in a productive way. When each participant is ready, we come together in dialogue--first establishing a contract for safety, confidentiality and communication.

Benefits Couples Therapy can offer


Understand each other better


Identify relationship issues


Improve communication skills


Resolve conflicts


Strengthen friendship and attachment


Terminate dysfunctional behavior


Learn skills


Improve relationship satisfaction

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